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The complete tennis-fitness guide for all levels of player.

Want to know more about tennis specific fitness training?

They say that knowledge is power…well in this case, it’s true in a very real way.

This course will increase your understanding of why tennis-specific fitness is essential for tennis AND how to improve yours.

Tennis Specific Fitness Training = Improved Playing Ability

Everyday I get asked a tennis-fitness question by a coach, a tennis-parent, a player or a personal trainer.
How can I get more power on my groundstrokes?
• What should my child do to be faster around the court?
• Which stretches should i do after playing?
• Why do I run out of energy in singles?
• How can I stop my shoulder aching after serving?
• How can I help my personal training clients get stronger for tennis?

Why Now? 

Now is the time to increase your knowledge around tennis specific fitness. You can’t get on court but you can still improve!

Why this course?

I’ve been working in tennis fitness for over 20 years – including supporting Emma Raducanu as her first individual S&C coach in her formative years (7-11yr).

I know the shortcuts and have packaged this experience and knowledge into an easy to understand educational resource.

I’m a Level 5 High Performance Tennis Coach, a fully Accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach and Tennis Coach Education Developer. I’m on the frontline as Head of S&C of a Performance Tennis Programme. The players who followed our strategic training programs have seen fantastic results. I want to help you too.


Tennis players try all sorts of methods to improve their tennis specific fitness…

  • YouTube – watching and trying random exercises but with no specific purpose.
  • Fitness Trainers – some improvements in general fitness but they don’t see a difference on the court.
  • Tennis Coach – the tennis coach doesn’t have the expertise AND it’s difficult to prioritise fitness training when you’ve paid for the court.

… only resulting in sporadic bursts of random fitness training without any strategy or lasting improvements.



Want to learn how to train properly? We've outlined all you need to know

What physical demands does tennis place on your body?

Tennis is a physically complex sport which demands that players have ‘all-round’ fitness – being able to strike the ball well is no longer sufficient to succeed in tennis – from club to pro level.

In this module you’ll learn about the different fitness components and physical skills which you will need in order to improve.

Learn How to Warm Up for Tennis

When we watch pros play – we only witness the 5 minute hitting warm up before the match begins. Across many clubs and academies this 5 minute warm up or ‘hitting a few in the services boxes’ is all the players do to prepare themselves for the lesson or match ahead. The truth is that the pros will have completed a full physical warm up before stepping out on court – often lasting as much as 20-30 minutes.

In this module you’ll learn the latest scientific research to learn how best to prepare to play.

Plus:  A Sport Science Approved 4-stage Warm Up.

Learn How to Develop Strength for Tennis

Strength is often over-looked as an important physical component of tennis. It is impossible to become fast and powerful, without first being strong.

In tennis, strength is not just about hitting the ball harder – strength is vital for:

  • Injury Prevention
  • Quicker technical learning
  • Speed on court
  • Changing direction
  • Rotational control
  • Absorbing the forces of hard hitting opponents
  • ….the list goes on

In this module, you’ll learn the science behind strength training and how to apply it to tennis.

PLUS: Total Body Strength Training Program To Get You Going


Learn How to Develop Speed for Tennis

Speed is often considered as one of the most importance aspects of tennis training – after all, having the best technique is of little use if you can’t get to the ball in time to execute it. But most people train their speed the wrong way!

In this module you’ll learn how to train your speed in a way that shows on the court.

PLUS: Speed, Acceleration & Deceleration Training Program.

Learn How to Develop Agility for Tennis

Agility is one of the most important components to effective on-court movement. Without good agility, players constantly have the feeling of trying to ‘stay in the point’ rather than getting on top of the point.

In this module, you’ll learn the physical attributes you need to have good agility and how best to train them.

PLUS: Agility Training Program.

Learn How to Develop Endurance for Tennis

Tennis matches can last for hours – there’s no ‘full-time’ whistle – so players need to be able to repeat their actions without fatiguing. In this module you’ll learn the importance of endurance and the best ways to train for it.

PLUS: Endurance Training Program.

Learn How to Develop Flexibility for Tennis

Most of the ‘normal’ swings in tennis require more flexibility than people realise. That need for flexibility can go off the scale when you consider some of the strokes players have to execute when reaching for the ball or sliding into a shot. Training your body to cope with these moments will considerably reduce your risk of injury.

In this module, you’ll learn the principles of flexibility training.

PLUS: Total Body Flexibility Program.

Learn How to Recover for Tennis

Many players train daily and compete several times a week so the importance of proper recovery has never been more important.

In this module you’ll learn the different strategies to recover quickly.

PLUS: TotalBody Self-Massage Program.



  • #1
    Specific fitness training for SERVES

    A strategic 4-phase training program which:

    1. Prepares your body for serving.
    2. Strengthens the muscles and movements used when serving
    3. Balances out the strength of muscle groups to keep your body balanced.
    4. Stretches the muscles to maintain length and help avoid injury.


The regular player who wants to take their game to the next level.

The junior player who needs a more comprehensive training program - which can be completed at home.

The coach who wants to offer a better service to players.

The personal trainer who wants to be more tennis specific in the training they offer.

This course really is an amazing and extremely easy to use guide on how to get fit for tennis. If fitness for tennis has been your problem, then you've just discovered the solution

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  • Complete guide to tennis fitness
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